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Comfortable cruise as high as airliners, at minimum costs.

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A Unique 'Ship'

For as long as aviation has been around, pilots call their airplanes 'ships.' Don't ask us why 😀. We operate the Piper Cheyenne 400LS, and very carefully selected this ship with your benefits in mind. It's almost the perfect aircraft for medical flights. It carries a big load in a comfortable cabin at high speeds for long distances, cruising as high as the best airliners, and does all of this on a miserly amount of fuel.

You enjoy the cost benefits, and your medical repatriation and medevac passengers enjoy its speed, altitude, and comfort.

It's so unique that one of the world's most famous pilots, Chuck Yeager (the man who broke the sound barrier), tested it and set flight records with it for fastest climb to altitude.

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